Rugby Works Employees

1948AclandMiss   OfficeSmith List [poss Southam]
06-12-37AdamsA202  Clerical staff [storekeeper] £3-0-0d pwBirch wages file
1948AdamsAlf   StoresSmith List 
06-12-37AdamsF214  Builder – 1/7d – [painter]Birch wages file
06-12-37AdamsR218  Clerical staff [records clerk] £3-14-6d pwBirch wages file
06-12-37AdamsS134  Grab – 1/3dBirch wages file
06-12-37AdamsT92  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37AdamsW68  Locos – Driver – 1/5¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37AdisonJ200  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/3d [handyman]Birch wages file
06-12-37AdnittA196  Builder – 1/7d – [painter]Birch wages file
1881AldridgeJeremiah 43c.1838Foreman at Bilton Cement Works lived at worksCensus / family
1887AldridgeJeremiah   Foreman at Victoria WorksKenning 1877
02-03-05AldridgeJeremiah   Foreman, cement works, lives Victoria streetHopewell 1888
1891AldridgeJeremiah 53c.1838Quarry Foreman at Bilton Cement WorksCensus / family
1901AldridgeJeremiah 63c.1838Quarry Foreman living at NewboldCensus 
1901AllenArthur   15 Labourer Cement works – lived Newbold [d. WWI – 25/10/1918 @ 33]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1965AndersonT A221  Washer – lived Newbold – re Sickness Benefit etcRC/3/9/9
1901AshbyBert  23 Cement works labourer [lodging with Tom King – Lawford Road] 
1948AshleyDavid   Time OfficeSmith staff list
06-12-37AshwellD164  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
1973BakerH   Works ManagerRC/3/9/21
1948BakerMr   Rugby Works Smith staff list
1914BatesG   Joned from Cement WorksWWI – “Pargeter”
01-04-19BaxW   Staff – demobilised rejoinedAspects of the Past – 3
26/12/1865BaxterGeorge   Employed at Rugby Lime Works – Inquest – witnessLeamington Courier 
06-12-37BaxterS27  Coal Miller – 1/3¾dBirch wages file
Jul-Aug 1868Bayliss  G   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
06-12-37BenjaminW188  Cement Stores – Loader – piece workBirch wages file
1938BentleyJ R   HolidaysBirch gen file
06-12-37BerryH89  Raw Plant – chalk 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37BillinghamE20  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37BirdC73  Locos – Driver – 1/5¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37BirdF162  Laboratory – 1/1d [labourer]Birch wages file
06-12-37BirdK178  Labourers – 10¼ [youth]Birch wages file
1/12/1899BirdWilliam   Amateur works barber, came into fortuneYork Eve P 19/12/1899
1901BirkisWilliam 29 Labourer Cement Works [lived Newbold][born Kent!]Census
06-12-37BondW32  Cement Mill – miller – 1/2¼dBirch wages file
06-12-37BookerW3  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/4d [welder]Birch wages file
06-12-37BoyesH84  Raw Plant – stone and clay 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37BoylanM211  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
1948BrickE   FitterSmith staff list
Jul-Aug 1868Brookes  J   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
bef. 1916BrooksE W   Staff – ManagerAspects of the Past – 3
January ?th, 1915BrooksErnest Walter Gardner    Management – Newbold Cem. [was Secretary then Manager RPCInquest – Jan 1915
06-12-37BrownE22  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37Bryan117  Quarry – Navvy No 1  – 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37BugginsA93  Raw Plant – pumps 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37BugginsC166  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37BuntingJ90  General Labourers – 1/2Birch wages file
06-12-37BurberryT120  Kiln Greaser’s Assistant – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37BurdettW82  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/3d [turner]Birch wages file
06-12-37Burton139  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
 Burton   NewboldD. WWI – “Pargeter”
1901BurtonWilliam 38 Worker – cement works [?RPC as lives Bilton]census
24/5/1878BusbyThomas   Labourer, Victoria Works – 3 months for stealin aleLeics Journal 24/5/1878
06-12-37CarterJ67  Laboratory – 10d [tester]Birch wages file
06-12-37CarterW37  Electrician – 1/2dBirch wages file
25/12/1880CarvellWilliam   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/10
25/12/1880CashmoreJ   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/11
25/12/1880CashmoreWilliam    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/12
06-12-37CaveW49  Carpenters – 1/4½ Birch wages file
25/12/1880Chamberlain   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/13
1901ChamberlainWilliam 64 Labourer – cement works [prob RPC]Census
25/12/1880Chandley?Abm   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/3
06-12-37ChannonC80  Locos – Driver – 1/5¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37ChannonW63  Laboratory – 1/3d [tester]Birch wages file
26/12/1865ChaterEdward   Worked at Rugby Lime Works – InquestLeamington Courier
25/12/1880ClarkeDavid    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/14
21 /5/1875ClarkeWilliam Owdey   Worked at Victoria Lime Works – sep. insurance caseLeic Journ – 21 /5/1875
25/12/1880Cleaver?Henry    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/15
06-12-37CleaverH144  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
25/12/1880Cleaver   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/16
06-12-37CleaverR201  Clerical staff [dispatch clerk] £1-4-6d pwBirch wages file
Jul-Aug 1868Clements  D   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
1996ClowesDavid   Long Service Award – 25 years – Engineer [Pipeline]RS/3/8/23 – issue 17
06-12-37CobbS85  Raw Plant – pumps 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37ColemanW167  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
1901ColemanWilliam 37c.1864Cement Worker [? Newbold]Census
06-12-37ColledgeS6  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/4½d [smith]Birch wages file
18-04-58ColledgeS   53 years service and presented Book of Signatures to Sir Halford RC/3/6/4/3
23/3/1867College John   Had worked for Victoria Lime worksLeamington Spa Cour – 23/3/1867
02-04-11CollinsArthur     Cement Loader – 1911 census1911 census
25/12/1880CollinsEdith    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/17
06-12-37Collins183  Cement Stores – Loader – piece workBirch wages file
03-07-16CollinsHenry Edward  1891Was Newbold Cement Works  [army d. WWI 3/7/1916 @ 25]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
RuAdv 22/7//16
06-12-37CollinsRon202  Locos – Shunter – 1/1½d – Then worked at Rugby for 40 years]Birch wages file / info son Tony
02-04-11CollinsWilliam  1866Loco Shunter – 1911 cenesusRuAdv 22/7/1916
1948CoomberBob   FitterSmith List [poss Southam]
1901CooperJack 55c.1846Cement wks. Labourer – ?NewboldCensus
1901CooperJohn William 15c.1886Cement wks. Labourer – ?Newbold  [d. WWI @ 30 26/6/1916]Census / D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37CooperR172  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/4d [fitter]Birch wages file
25/12/1880CoppockC [Charles]  1857Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holder / census / familyRC/3/2/18
1881CoppockCharles 24 Labourer at [Bilton] cement workscensus / family
1891CoppockCharles 34 Watchman at [Bilton] cement  workscensus / family
1901CoppockCharles 44 Labourer at [Bilton] cement workscensus / family
10/4/1869Cox?Robert   Forman – Employed Victoria Works – inquest – witnessLeamington Courier
06-12-37CoxC194  Builder – 1/7d – [joiner]Birch wages file
26/12/1865CoxRobert   Employed at Rugby Lime Works – Inquest –
witness [poss. Foreman]
Leamington Courier
02-04-11CoxWilliam 52c.1859Foreman, burner, portland cement – born/ living in New Bilton1911 census
06-12-37CrickE5  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/6½d [foreman]Birch wages file
25/12/1880Currall    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/19
1983CurtisWilliam A 87 Lived Newbold – was he cement? [d. 1983 @ 87]WWI – “Pargeter”
Jul-Aug 1868Daffern John   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
Jul-Aug 1868Daffern  E   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
06-12-37DaleJ128  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880DaltonRichard    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/20
25/12/1880Darley ?   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/21
 DarvillBob   Electrician for > 25 yearsP&P Mems of Rugby
06-12-37DavenportA141  Quarry – Navvy No 2 – 1/2dBirch wages file
1901DavenportAlbert F   Labourer at Cement Works d. 1920 – lived Harboro’ Magna“Pargeter”/Census
 DavenportWilliam Ewart  c.1898Father worked at Newbold [he d. WWI 18/7/1916 @ 18]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37Dix223  Builder – 1/7d – [joiner]Birch wages file
1996DobsonBob   Long Service Award – 25 years – fitterRS/3/8/23 – issue 17
1914DodsonWilliam Ernest   ? Joined from Cement works [d. WWI 24/3/1915 @ 22][Find]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1915DodsonWilliam Ernest 21c. 1894[Father was Edward Dodson] 4th rifle brig – joined Sept 1914Rugb Adv 1915
06-12-37DonovanJ70  Locos – Driver – 1/5¾dBirch wages file
25/12/1880Downs   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/22
25/12/1880Dunkeley   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/23
1996DunkleyTony   NVQ Training at worksRS/3/8/23 – issue 17 photo
1914DunnCharles Pridmore  c.1894Sometime “Cement Works” pre war [d. 1989 @ 96] won MCD. WWI – “Pargeter”
 DunnFrank [father C P]   Manager Cement wks [Dorset 1901] poss same at Rugby?? 1891 – Accountant RugbyCensus /
D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37DykesB2  Electrician – 1/2½dBirch wages file
18/4/1868EastJoseph   Yard Foreman, New Bilton – Inquest  [former 17 year soldier]Leamington Courier
25/12/1880EdkinsGeorge    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/24
25/12/1880EdkinsThomas    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/25
06-12-37Elkingtn208  Builder – 1/7d – [painter]Birch wages file
06-12-37EllimanL184  Cement Stores – Loader – piece workBirch wages file
06-12-37EllimanW15  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37EllisF77  Grab – 1/1½dBirch wages file
25/12/1880EllisJosua    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/26
1914EllisWilliam Joshua 17c.1897Joined from cement works – lived Newbold [d. WWI 1/7/1916 @ 19]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37EnglandA97  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37EnglandW83  General Labourers – 1/2Birch wages file
1901EssexSamuel 43 Kiln Setter at Cement Works [lived Long Lawford]Census
06-12-37EvansF8  Fitting Shop – fitters 7½d [youth]Birch wages file
06-12-37EvansJ87  Raw Plant – chalk 1/1dBirch wages file
01-08-34EvansR L   Auditor, Carters – later SecretaryAspects of the Past – 3
1914EvertonAlfred William 28c. 1886Was employed RPC [d. 1962 @ 76][Won MM in WWI]WWI – “Pargeter”
16/12/1865EvertonThomas   Foreman, New Bilton, asaulted by Thomas SpencerLeam Courier 30/12/1865
8/2/1868EvertonThomas   Worked Victoria Lime, 27/6d weekly – 2/- support for motherLeamCour,8/2/1868
06-12-37EvittsA206  Chauffeur £3-10-0d pwBirch wages file
25/12/1880F ?Lee   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/4
06-12-37FarleyJ124  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
1881FarnsDan [brother of Zach]   Lime burner – [ poss until beyond 1901 ]Census / family
22/3/1873FarnsZachariah [bro. of Dan]   Quarry accident at RPC works – broken legThe Leamington Courier
25/12/1880FaulknerEdmund    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/27
January ?th, 1915FeltonJ R   Inspector of mines at inquestInquest – Jan 1915
25/12/1880FinchJ   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/28
25/12/1880Finch   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/29
25/12/1880Finch   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/30
06-12-37FitzgeraldW111  Cement Mill – greaser – 1/1¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37FlavellA131  Cement Stores – Labourer –  1/2dBirch wages file
1914FleetCyril William  c.1886Enlisted from ?RPC works [d. WWI 10/10/1918 @32]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37FordC187  Cement Stores – Loader – piece workBirch wages file
08-12-50FordC E   50 years presentation [prob Rugby Works]photo RC/3/6/2/2
1888FordJ   Foreman at Victoria WorksHopewell 1888
1887FordJoseph   Foreman at Victoria WorksKenning 1877
1891FordLancelot 50 Foreman at Bilton Cement Works lived at worksCensus 
06-12-37FosterJ231  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
January ?th, 1915FosterNorris   Barrister, represented the Insurance Company at InquestInquest – Jan 1915
25/12/1880FrenchMartha    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/31
January ?th, 1915FullerC H   Solicitor for Newbold CementInquest – Jan 1915
30/12/1865FullwoodR   Manager at new Rugby Bilton WorksLeam. Cour., 30 Dec 1865
January ?th, 1915GambleEdward    Son of the deceasedInquest – Jan 1915
January ?th, 1915GambleThomas  c. 1850Newbold Cement, age 65 of Harborough Magna, Accident – had worked unloading for over 2 yearsInquest – Jan 1915
06-12-37GardnerD186  Cement Stores – Loader – piece workBirch wages file
Jul-Aug 1868Garner Edward   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
06-12-37GarrattA69  Raw Plant – stone and clay 1/1dBirch wages file
03-11-70GarrettH   Metrication Meeting, Rep for  Rugby WorksRC/15/3/12
1/5/2015GarrettPatrick   Was Rugby Portland Cement driver [info in 2015]Web info
25/12/1880GaskillThos   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/5
06-12-37GibbsP16  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37GibsonW182  Plate-layer – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37GillJ115  General Labourers – 1/1½dBirch wages file
10/4/1869GillThomas   Employed Victoria Works – inquest – witnessLeamington Courier 
06-12-37GoingJ13  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
25/12/1880GoodeFrancis    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/32
25/12/1880Goode   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/33
06-12-37GoodwinR197  Builder – 1/7d – [painter]Birch wages file
25/12/1880GreenGeorge    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/34
1948GreenH   ElectricianSmith staff list
06-12-37GreenH1  Electrician – £4-6-6d pwBirch wages file
06-12-37GreenH11  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/5½d [fitter]Birch wages file
06-12-37Griffin76  Grab – 1/3dBirch wages file
06-12-37GroocockA161  Electrician – 1/0¾d – Birch wages file
23-11-50GunthorpeA   50 years presentation [poss not Rugby Works]photo RC/3/6/2/1
06-12-37HadfieldF168  [Electrician] – labourers 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880HalfordThomas    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/35
1886HallC   Managing Partner, Rugby CementNottsGuard, 23 July 1886
1948HallF   QuarrySmith staff list
06-12-37HallH29  Raw Plant – miller 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37HallJ99  Quarry Foreman £4-2-6d pwBirch wages file
06-12-37HallJ204  General Labourers – 1/2d [bricklayerBirch wages file
 HallJ   Photographed looking at icicles in Rugby QuarryRC/3/7/8 photo
25/12/1880Hall   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/36
1901HallWilliam 21 Cement works labourer [lodging with Tom King – Lawford Road]Census
06-12-37HallsR148  Labourers – 7½ [youth]Birch wages file
25/12/1880HamptonGd    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/37
1948HanchettColonel   PackerSmith List [poss Southam]
1948HanchettStan   n.k.Smith List [poss Southam]
1901HancocksWilliam   Labourer at cement Works [lived Long Lawford] d. 1904Census / “Pargeter”
06-12-37HandsJ18  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
25/12/1880Hands   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/38
06-12-37HarrattH95  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37HarrisC119  Quarry – Navvy No 2  – 1/2½dBirch wages file
06-12-37Harris31  Cement Mill – greaser – 1/1¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37Harris78  Quarry – Navvy No 2  – Driver – 1/6dBirch wages file
06-12-37HarrisJ116  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
1901HarrisJoseph   Quarryman at cement wks [lived Harborough][son d. WWI]Census / “Pargeter”
1948HarrisKen   PackerSmith List [poss Southam]
1901HarrisThomas    c.1884Millstone dresser [1901] [d. WWI 7/5/1917 @33]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37Harris A74  Carpenters – 1/4½  [wagons]Birch wages file
18/4/1868Harrison?   Employed at New Bilton – Inquest – witnessLeamington Courier
25/12/1880HartwellWilliam   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/6
06-12-37HarveyC96  [Electrician] – labourers 1/1dBirch wages file
1914HarveyEdward  c.1882?Newbold Works? [d. WWI 1/7/1916 @ 35]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37HarveyJ100  Quarry – Navvy No 2  – 1/2dBirch wages file
25/12/1880Hashhack?John    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/39
06-12-37Hazle60  Fitter – Greaser [£4-4-5d]Birch wages file
1948HeapR   CarpenterSmith staff list
06-12-37HeapW204  Builder – £4/12/6dBirch wages file
25/12/1880HeatwellWilliam    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/40
5/1/1867HenceWilliam   Plate Layer – from WoltonNor’ton Mercury, 5/1/1868
06-12-60HennessyMr   Transport rep, Rugby Works CommitteeRS/7/8/16 – 6/12/1960
25/12/1880Hewitt   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/41
5/1/1867HewittMr   Secretary – Victoria Lime WorksNor’ton Mercury, 5/1/1867
25/12/1880HewittThos    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/42
25/12/1880Higgs   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/43
25/12/1880HiggsJ H    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/44
1901HillEdward 34 Limestone Quarryman [father of Louis H]Census
1866HillGeorge   Accountant / AuditorFile RW/1/6/5
1914HillLouis Henry  c.1896Enlisted from ? Newbold Cement Works [lived Newbold 1901] – [d. WWI – 29/5/1915 @ 19]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
25/12/1880Hill    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/45
06-12-37HinsleyD53  Cement Mill – miller – 1/2¼dBirch wages file
1917HipwellGeorge 38c.1879Proposed to work at Bilton Works – wounded in WWIService Pension Record
06-12-37HipwellT26  Electrician –  11/5d shift – 1/0½d OTBirch wages file
1901HipwellThomas 60 General Labourer cement works – lived NewboldCensus
1901HipwellWalter C 25c.1876Labourer cement wks – ? NewboldCensus
06-12-37HironsT88  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37HobleyA39  [Electrician] – labourers 1/0¾dBirch wages file
25/12/1880Hobley   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/46
06-12-37HobleyR54  Builder – 1/4d – [handyman]Birch wages file
06-12-37HornJ98  Locos – Shunter – 1/1½dBirch wages file
06-12-37HornW105  General Labourers – 11¼dBirch wages file
06-12-37HoughtonW66  Plate-layer – 1/3dBirch wages file
06-12-37HowardC106  Raw Plant – stone and clay 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37HowardW103  Quarry – Navvy No 1  – 1/2½dBirch wages file
1917HowardWilliam Edward  c.1899Was L Lawford – worked cement [capt. WWI; PoW; d. 1972 @ 73]WWI – “Pargeter”; R.Ad, 10/8/1918
25/12/1880HowittThomas    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/47
25/12/1880HowkinsNm. Chs.   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/7
25/12/1880Howlett? F    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/48
25/12/1880Humphries   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/49
06-12-37HunterJ174  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37HunterJ180  Raw Plant – stone and clay 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880HuzzardCharles    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/50
06-12-37InbrovilleC30  Coal Miller’s assistant – 1/3¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37IngramA190  General Labourers – 7½d [wagon greaser]Birch wages file
13/10/1866IngramJoseph   Engine Driver – New Bilton – accident at  New Bilton – lost armLeamington Courier
25/12/1880IngramJoseph   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/8
16/12/1865IngramsJoseph   Witness to assault by Thomas SpencerLeam. Cour. 30/12/1865
16/12/1865IngramsJoseph   Witness to assault by Thomas SpencerNorth. Merc. 30/12/1865
25/12/1880IzzardWilliam   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/9
06-12-37JarmanC130  Raw Plant – stone and clay 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37JepsonL140  General Labourers – 1/2d [bricklayer]Birch wages file
1948JohnesKen   LaboratrorySmith List [poss Southam]
06-12-37JonesA38  Kiln Burners – 1/4dBirch wages file
23/10/1866JonesEnoch   Accident when barrow fell on him Lime&Cem Wks, New BiltonNorth’ton Mer, 2710/1866
1881JonesJohn [Thomas]64 c.1817Stationary engine driver – cement worksCensus
02-1857JonesWilliam   Slipped/fell with barrow into the pit, a depth of about 30 feet.Rugby Advertiser, 16 February 1867
06-12-37JordanJ158  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37JordanR207  Raw Plant – stone and clay 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880Judd    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/51
1911KeatesBernard 1725/12/1898Labourer at Cement Works [died in WWI]census/cwgc
06-12-37KeatingP155  Raw Plant – chalk 1/1dBirch wages file
Jan-15KendrickOliver    Moved stone wagons at Newbold Cement [employed 24 years]Inquest – Jan 1915
06-12-37KennyW125  General Labourers – 1/2d [Bricklayer]Birch wages file
1901KingSidney 18 “cement stone dresser”. Census
24/5/1878KingThomas   Foreman, Victoria Works – 1 month for stealing aleLeics Journal 24/5/1878
1901KingTom 52 “night watchman” cement works [son d. WWI] worked 53 yearsCensus /  “Pargeter”
25/12/1880King?   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/52
25/12/1880KnightlySaml.    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/53
25/12/1880LackHarry    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/54
1901LanghamJohn 21c.1880Labourer – prob. RPC [d.1952 @ 71]Census / WWI – “Pargeter”
1901LanghamRichard 16c.1889Labourer – prob. RPC Census
1901LanghamWilliam 14c.1887Labourer – Victoria Works [d. 16/10/1915 WWI @ 26]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37Lawrence A21  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37Lawrence W35  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37LawtonR203  Clerical staff [time keeper] £2-3-0d pwBirch wages file
06-12-37LeachP43  Raw Plant – miller 1/1¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37LinesJ114  Carpenters – 1/4½ Birch wages file
15-03-05LinesJohn E   labourer at the Cement Works [uncle of L H Hill]Census
06-12-37LittleS199  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37LlewellynM226  General Labourers – 7½d [stores]Birch wages file
1901LouchWilliam 25 General Labourer – cenet works [lived Newbold]Census
1948LovMr   n.k.Smith List [poss Southam]
1865 – 1866LucasThomas   Contractor for new Rugby Bilton WorksRW/1/8/22C
1866 – 1867LucasThomas   Contractor for quarrying – overpaidRW/1/6/5/5
1867 – 1867LucasThomas   Photograph available and family detailsJPHF – photos
06-12-37Major150  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37MajorH210  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37MajorW209  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
1948MaloneyPaddy   OfficeSmith List [poss Southam]
06-12-37ManbyW25  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
25/12/1880MarchMaurice   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/55
Jul-90MarshJoe   Craftsman’s Assistant – retired after c.30 yearsRugby Focus 1
25/12/1880Marsh    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/56
25/12/1880MartenS?    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/57
1948MartinFred   ElectricianSmith List [poss Southam]
06-12-37MartinW50  Coal Miller – 1/3¾dBirch wages file
1914MastersS   Enlisted from Cement Works – no dataWWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37MaubyA112  Cement Stores – Labourer – nightman – 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37MawbyB110  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37MawbyW75  Locos – Cleaner – 1/0¾dBirch wages file
26-01-18MawleH   Of Long Lawford, Worked in Quarry for 10 years before WWI, then a PoWRugby Advertiser 26/1/1918
25/12/1880MaxwellElijah   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/58
06-12-37McCarthyP165  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
02-02-17McCawleyL   Staff – 4th memberAspects of the Past – 3
25/12/1880Middleton   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/59
25/12/1880MillerMathew    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/60
06-12-37MillsF132  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
1948MonkLes   OfficeSmith List [poss Southam]
Jul-Aug 1868Monk  R   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
01-06-31MontgomeryJames Herbert  11-11-10Fitter [resident in Canada until 10/9/1954 – then see Southam]Southam – Empl. cards
1914MontgomeryW E   Enlisted from Cement Works – suvived WWIWWI – “Pargeter”
1901MooreAmos 18 Bagging Cement [b. Napton; living, Newbold]Census
06-12-37MorelandL160  Plate-layer – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37MorganH107  Plate-layer – 1/4dBirch wages file
1996MorganWayne   NVQ Training at worksRS/3/8/23 – issue 17 photo
06-12-37MorrisH122  Raw Plant – chalk 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880MoultonJoseph    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/61
02-04-11MundayGeorge 65 Gen Lab Rugby Cement – was brickyard manager1911 census
06-12-37MushingA55  General Labourers – 1/1½ [Handyman]Birch wages file
06-12-37NasonJ26  Cement Mill – greaser – 1/1¾dBirch wages file
1901NealWilliam 30 Labourer Cement Company [Father W H J] – lived Newbold Census / “Pargeter”
1914NealWilliam Henry James  1887Worked for time at Cement works [d. WWI 30/71916 @ 19]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37NealeA136  Kiln Greaser’s Assistant – 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880NegusJohn    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/62
25/12/1880NewnhamJoseph    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/63
25/12/1880Nilson ?Thomas    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/64
25/12/1880OldhamJohn    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/65
1870OldhamThomas   Labourer at cement worksfrom Jeff Stonehouse
06-12-37OldhamW7  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/4½d [smith]Birch wages file
1868OldhamsArthur    Cement tester ? at cement worksfrom Jeff Stonehouse
1875OldhamsHarry    To 1955 – Horse driver at cement worksfrom Jeff Stonehouse
1862OldhamsHenry   Machine fitter ? at cement worksfrom Jeff Stonehouse
1877OldhamsHerbert   Labourer & stationary engine driver at cement worksfrom Jeff Stonehouse
1860OldhamsStephen   To 1917 – Driver at cement worksfrom Jeff Stonehouse
06-12-37O’Su;;ivanJ189  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37OxleyW152  Driver’s Mate [£2-19-4d]Birch wages file
25/12/1880PagesJohn    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/66
25/12/1880PagetHenry    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/67
1914ParnellJames William George   Joined from cement works [d. WWI 23/7/1917 @ 22]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1996PartonGraham   Long Service Award – 25 years – Assistant chemistRS/3/8/23 – issue 17
25/12/1880Pavell    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/68
06-12-37PayneH71  General Labourers – 1/1½ [Ex-shunter]Birch wages file
25/12/1880PeachGeorge    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/69
25/12/1880PerkinsJohn    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/70
25/12/1880Perrin   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/71
06-12-37PerryJ109  Quarry – Navvy No 1  – 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37Pettifer185  Cement Stores – Loader – piece workBirch wages file
1914PettiferGeorge     Listed as joined from Cement Works [no data]WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37Phillips118  Locos – Cleaner – 11dBirch wages file
06-12-37PittamW213  Clerical staff [office boy] £0-15-0d pwBirch wages file
25/12/1880PorterSarah    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/72
1901PrestonThomas   Millstone dresser [1901] ? Works lodged  Census
1996ProfittDes   Long Service Award – 40 years – Raw Plant TesterRS/3/8/23 – issue 17
1996PrudhoeMartin   NVQ Training at worksRS/3/8/23 – issue 17 photo
1938PurdeyJ   Chief Chemist – HolidaysBirch gen file
1948PurdyJim   LaboratorySmith staff list
06-12-37RankH34  Kiln Greaser – 1/1¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37RankH41  General Labourers – 1/1¾ [Bricklayer]Birch wages file
06-12-37RavenP17  Laboratory – 6¾d [sample boy]Birch wages file
bef. 1916ReadJ W   Staff – Chief lerkAspects of the Past – 3
13-01-37ReidJ D   re Welton House waterRon Birch
1914Reynolds   Joined from cement works [d. WWI ?]WWI – “Pargeter”
25/12/1880ReynoldsFelix    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/73
06-12-37RichardsonJ86  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37Roberts 44  Laboratory – 1/3d [tester]Birch wages file
06-12-37Roberts S12  Fitter [£4-4-5d]Birch wages file
21-05-62RobinsonPaul71 15-11-44Raw Plant youth – Rugby [was AEI Rugby][trans. to SouthamSoutham – Empl. cards
25/12/1880Roblins    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/74
Jul-Aug 1868Rose  S   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
06-12-37RoundJ121  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
1891RoweGeorge Henry   Labourer at Cement wks quarry [lived Long Lawford]Census / “Pargeter”
06-12-37RoweW58  Cement Stores – Labourer – Spare lorry man – 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37RumfordT42  Kiln Burners – 1/4dBirch wages file
06-12-37RussellA104  Quarry – Navvy No 1  – 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37RussellB171  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880RussellM   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/75
25/12/1880RussellM   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/76
25/12/1880SachellArthur    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/77
1996SammonDavid   Long Service Award – 25 years – Chargehand, Fitting shopRS/3/8/23 – issue 17
06-12-37SatcherJ40  Coal Miller – 1/3¾dBirch wages file
January ?th, 1915SaxbyC J I [Dr]    Doctor at Rugby Inquest – Jan 1915
25/12/1880Sayer? C J    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/78
24/8/1874ScottonThomas   Engine Driver – Victoria Lime, New Bilton; assaulted wifeLeam Courier & Rad, 5/9/1874;
24/8/1874ScottonThomas   Engine Driver – Victoria Lime Works [3s 6d/day] -struck wifeRugby Advertiser – 5 September 1874
1996SelbyBrian   NVQ Training at worksRS/3/8/23 – issue 17 photo
1948ShadboltMr   LaboratrorySmith List [poss Southam]
1901SheasbyThomas 19 Odd labourer cement co [b. Napton, liv. Newbold]Census
06-12-37ShepherdC127  Quarry – Navvy No 1  – 7½dBirch wages file
06-12-37ShepherdF126  Grab – 1/2dBirch wages file
06-12-37ShepherdF200  Clerical staff [dispatch foreman] £5-5-0d pwBirch wages file
 ShepherdF   NewboldD. WWI – “Pargeter”
25/12/1880ShepherdGeorge    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/79
06-12-37ShepherdJ108  General Labourers – 15/3d pw [messroom]Birch wages file
06-12-37SlatcherW40  Kiln Greaser’s Assistant – 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880Smith   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/80
30-11-53SmithErnest Thomas Arthur6 27-03-09Driver – Rugby transferred to Southam 17/2/1964Southam – Empl. cards
06-12-37SmithF214  Clerical staff [teleprinter] £0-15-0d pwBirch wages file
 SmithFrederick Arthur   Father was cement worker –  Lived Newbold [d. 1972 @ 75]WWI – “Pargeter”
 SmithH   Newbold ?D. WWI – “Pargeter”
25/12/1880SmithHenry     Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/81
25/12/1880Smith   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/82
1901SmithThomas 37 Cement stone quarryman [living Newbold 1901]Census
1914SmithThomas Charles 21c.1893Enlisted from Cement Works [lived Newbold son of Tom Smith] d. 1/7/1916 @23]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1948SodenMorris   OfficeSmith List [poss Southam]
25/12/1880Southern    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/83
25/12/1880SpenceThomas    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/84
1996SpencerJoe   Long Service Award – 25 years – cement miller/testerRS/3/8/23 – issue 17
16/12/1865SpencerThomas   Labourer, at New Bilton, from Long Lawford – assaultLeam Courier 30/12/1865
06-12-37Starkey47  General Labourers – 1/1¾ [Bricklayer]Birch wages file
1915StarkeyGeorge   Enlisted from cement works in 1915 [d. WWI 21/3/1918 won MM]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1915StarkeyGeorge   Enlisted from cement works in Jan 1915 [d. WWI –
missing 21/3/1918 won MM &Bar]
D. WWI – “Pargeter”-RA 11 May 1918
1948StevensMr   SalesSmith List [poss Southam]
06-12-37StokesE46  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
1909StoneBrother of SG   ? Also ”Flagman’. at RPC @ Newbold [supervised brother]WWI – “Pargeter”
1909 – 1913StoneSidney George 23c.1892Flagman’. at RPC @ Newbold  [d. WWI 1/10/1915 @ 23]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
January ?th, 1915StoneW H   Quarry foreman at Newbold Cement, [rep Co. at funeral]Inquest – Jan 1915
Mar-05SuttonAmos   Quarryman, RC, SinL DoW WWI, Chapel St, LLawford1901 census
06-12-37SuttonL102  Quarry – Navvy No 2  – 1/2dBirch wages file
08-12-50SuttonL I   50 years presentation [prob Rugby Works]photo RC/3/6/2/2
06-12-37SuttonS9  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
1948SweetserBern   BricklayerSmith List [poss Southam]
16-12-16SylvesterLuther Mark 1225-01-04Started work aged 12 as a Junior Office boyAspects of the Past – 3
06-12-37TalbotJ225  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
17/8/1988TaylorD M   Fishing at Chinnor Works [see also Crown House]RC/15/6/1
06-12-37TaylorH135  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
17/8/1988TaylorJ   Fishing at Chinnor Works [see also Crown House]RC/15/6/1
06-12-37TaylorM62  Fitter [£3-9-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37ThomasD201  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
1901ThomasStephen 28 Labourer – cement works [prob RPC]Census
25/12/1880Thomas    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/85
Jul-Aug 1868Thompson  N   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
06-12-37ThorntonP79  Quarry – Navvy No 1  – Driver – 1/6dBirch wages file
10/4/1869ThrasherWilliam   Employed Victoria Works – inquestLeamington Courier
25/12/1880Tile   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/86
25/12/1880TimmsFrederick    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/87
06-12-37TimmsW213  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37TowersT177  [Electrician] – labourers 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37TownsendB91  Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37TownsendS57  Kiln Greaser – 1/1¾dBirch wages file
06-12-37TuckeyC59  Laboratory – ?1/3d [tester]Birch wages file
06-12-37TuckeyR52  Cement Mill – miller – 1/2¼dBirch wages file
25/12/1880TurnerPhilip    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/88
1914UnderwoodErnest [Walter Ernest]   Enlisted from Cement Works [prob. d. 1916D. WWI – “Pargeter”
06-12-37UnderwoodW181  Builder – 1/1d – [labourer]Birch wages file
06-12-37VeaseyW227  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
1938VigarH A   Rugby Works Manager [holidays]Birch gen file
06-12-37WaggS159  Locos – Shunter – 1/1½dBirch wages file
06-12-37WagstaffA94  General Labourers – 1/1Birch wages file
06-12-37WalkerR14  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37WalkerT23  Driver [£3-4-4d]Birch wages file
06-12-37WaltonA36  Kiln Burners – 1/4dBirch wages file
06-12-37WarrenA129  Clerical staff [weigh clerk] 1/2d per hourBirch wages file
25/12/1880WatfordIsaac    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/89
25/12/1880Watson   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/90
25/12/1880Watson   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/91
1914WattsHarold Percy  c.1893Newbold Cement Works pre war [d. WWI 5/4/1916 @ 23]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
 23/9/1896WebbBenjamin   Widower, died after horse and cart bolted at Victoria LimeCovEveTeleg, 23/9/1896
06-12-37Webb137  Fitting Shop – labourer 1/1dBirch wages file
06-12-37WebbW4  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/4½d [fitter]Birch wages file
25/12/1880Webb   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/92
09-02-05WebsterWilliam   Rugby lime customer in LondonRW/1/6/5/5
06-12-37WellA10  Fitting Shop – fitters 1/5½d [fitter]Birch wages file
06-12-37WellerS28  Kiln Greaser – 1/1¾dBirch wages file
1948Wells Bert   LocomotivesSmith staff list
06-12-37WelseyA51  Cement Stores – Labourer – Checker – 1/2dBirch wages file
1948WestAlf   CarpenterSmith List [poss Southam]
1914WestCharles William [prob]   Joined from Cement Works – lived Lawford WWI – “Pargeter”
1901WestWilliam [Willie]   Labourer at Cement Works – lived Church Lawford [father CW]Census
Jul-Aug 1868Westwood  H   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
Jul-Aug 1868Whitehouse  W   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
Jul-Aug 1868Whiteman  D   Canal Boatman – paid by Walker [prob. to London Wharf ? ]RW/1/6/1/3
06-12-37WhymentA147  General Labourers – 1/1dBirch wages file
1901WilliamsJohn [sen] 40c.1861Quarrryman cement co [prob Newbold as lives there]Census
1914WilliamsJohn Henry 25c.1888Enlisted from “cement works” [Newbold 1901] [d. WWI 14/5/1917 @ 26][son of John sen]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1914WillsGeorge Thomas  c.1882Cement worker married 1909 [joined from Cement co]
[seved WWI; d. 1958 @ 77]
WWI – “Pargeter”
1996WilsonCharles   Long Service Award – 25 years – Packer operativeRS/3/8/23 – issue 17
06-12-37WilsonO81  Quarry – Navvy No 2  – 1/1dBirch wages file
25/12/1880Wilson   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/93
25/12/1880Wilson ?   Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/94
1948WonstallMr   OfficeSmith List [poss Southam]
1948WrethamRalph   ElectricianSmith List [poss Southam]
bef. 1916WrightA G   Staff – cashierAspects of the Past – 3
25/12/1880WrightWilliam    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/95
25/12/1880Wright    Rugby Cement – new Allotments – holderRC/3/2/96