Other & Misc. Rugby Names

5/5/1866BannisterEdward John St, Bedford Row. Middx –  [Trustee]Indenture of MortgageWalker
23/5/1866Bannister Edward [Trustee]John St, Bedford Row. MiddxIndenture of MortgageWalker
7/5/1866Bannister Edward [Trustee]John St, Bedford Row. MiddxIndenture of MortgageWalker
5/5/1866BaringThomas MPCharles St, Berkeley Sq, MiddxIndenture of MortgageWalker
11/1869Bennett  Builder of two [faulty] kilnsRW/1/3/6
22-02-06BoyceA LNE Railway co, RugbyRS/7/1/1
08-05-07BrookesErnest W Rugby Portland Cement Co [Manager]Manager of RPCC [witness]TNA RAIL 1167/243/230
16-08-05ButlerDB 41 Old Queen St, SW – expert on cement RS/7/1/1
1870CampbellJ ABilton, land adjacent to cement worksOwnerRW/1/2/6
1938Carter Birmingham / Sampson Wharf Depot? Manager responsible for Depot 
May/June 1903ChappellJLythamBuilder’s MerchantRS/7/1/1 & 2
06-08-25ChurchLouieBrownsover HallDomestic Servant – witness to DeedRC/2/7/1
1907CleaverJ Overseer, Southam Union Ass. CommitteeRS/7/1/1
1907CooperEJ Assistant Overseer, Southam Union Ass. Com.RS/7/1/1
02-10-06CoxFrank Builder – testimonialRS/7/7/1 -vol3
 DashJohnBarringtonWorked 1957 – 2002Info J Drayton
29/6/1895Davison  Doctor from SouthamLeamington Courier 
 DouglasGeorgeBarringtonLived at Barrington – 3 brothers at WorksPhoto – RC/12/1/3
5/5/1866Du Pre Caledon George MPWilton Park, Beaconsfield, BucksIndenture of MortgageWalker
 Fair   RS/7/1/1
1870FowlerGRugbyManager, Birmingham Wagon CoRC/1/3/100
08-05-07FullerCharles HenryRugby Portland Cement Co [Solicitor]Director of RPCC [signatory]TNA RAIL 1167/243/230
Sept 1869Fuller RugbySolicitor for G H WalkerRC/1/3/100
Nov 1869Fuller FrederickAvon Lodge, Newbold, nr RugbySolicitor for G H WalkerRW/1/3/6
16-12-26GentMiss Of Broadwell married Arthur William
Gunthorpe in c. 1923
Leamington Courier
03-11-70GibsonS Metrication, Rep for  KensworthRC/15/3/12
01-09-51GoddingSidney WTrinidad Cementlater Southam 10/06/1963 [b. 24/11/1922]Southam – Empl. cards
15-08-05GoshawkEA Surveyor of taxes, LeamingtonRS/7/1/1
14/7/1881GreenEdwardBull & Lakin – StocktonKilled in accident when oiling cement millLeamington Courier
16-12-26HadlowE F CoronerLeamington Courier 
12/3/1853HarrisGeorge [eld]RugbyIndenture of TransferWalker
Nov 1869HarrisMrsRugbyHousekeeper for Frederick Fuller’s officeRW/1/3/6
12/3/1853HarrisWilliam  Indenture of Transfer – RugbyWalker
19/2/1853HarrisWilliam  Indenture of Mortgage – RugbyWalker
1930HartleyW E T Inspector of Mines – BirminghamRS/7/8/9
03-11-70HaswellA Metrication, Rep for  Barrington WorksRC/15/3/12
26/12/1865HaswellWRugbyForeman of JuryLeamington Courier
12/3/1853IbbotsonLovett Landen
Dresden, GermanyIndenture of TransferWalker
1870LadkinMaryCoal Wharf [New Bilton]Yearly tenant & Occupier RW/1/2/6
29-01-07LakinH GGreaves Bull & LakinDirectorKaye Letter,  RS/7/1/2
29-01-07LakinRichardGreaves Bull & LakinDirectorKaye Letter,  RS/7/1/2
1924LangleyMR  Works DirectorNamed Photograph
Feb-05LewW S  Manager, Warwick Gas Works 
04-08-05LightlyCAM 28 Charles St., SWRS/7/1/1
24/11/1869MansbridgeJosephBangor Wharf, Camden TownBuilder – as surveyor / witness for Bennett caseRW/1/3/6
1985MessengerF E WChinnnor29 yrs as sales lorry driver – awarded BEMAR 1984
1870NeedhamFRugbyBank Manager, Nat Prov Bank – letters to ReidRC/1/3/102
Nov 1870Needham RugbyBank Manager, Nat Prov Bank for G H WalkerRC/1/3/100
15-08-90No name Card for Community ChargeGarden Licence – 4 Kimble Close, East Hunsbury, NorthantsRC/4/7/13 – p36
12/5/1870OldhamHenryFladburyLand at Long ItchingtonRC/13C/2
12/3/1866OldhamThomas WilliamSoutham, now HarburyDiedRC/13C/2
12/5/1870OldhamThomas WilliamSoutham, now HarburyLand at Long ItchingtonRC/13C/2
19/11/1861OldhamThomas WilliamSoutham, now HarburyWillRC/13C/2
12/5/1870OldhamWilliam [Farmer]SouthamLand at Long ItchingtonRC/13C/2
18/4/1868OverRichardRugbyForeman of JuryLeamington Courier
26/12/1865Parrish RugbyMaster of Rugby Union WorkhouseLeamington Courier
1907PlummerWH Clerk to Justices, WarwickRS/7/1/1
09-04-06PooleGT at warnford hospital, LeamingtonRS/7/1/1
10/4/1869PooleW S RugbyCoronerLeamington Courier
12/9/1874PooleW S  Coroner South WarwickshireLeamington Courier 
18/4/1868PooleW S RugbyCoronerLeamington Courier
26/12/1865PooleW S RugbyCoronerLeamington Courier
20-10-05RawlinsonEB Bradford – Accountant for KayesRS/7/1/1
28-09-37RichardsonTTotternhoeQuarry Manager, Moved from Southam – £5 pwBirch papers
15/8/1861RobinsonJohnStocktonPoliceman – drowned in canal near lime worksLeamington Courier
16-12-26RogersH M Inspector of FactoriesLeamington Courier 
23/11/1869RyelandJohnRugby Lime WorksSecretaryRW/1/3/6
29/6/1895SpencerW Foreman of jury at Blue Lias InnLeamington Courier
1870Stevenson RugbyGoods Traffic Manager, L&NW RailwayRC/1/3/100
5/5/1866ThorntenHenry Sykes Birchen Lane, LondonIndenture of MortgageWalker
4/1869Tibbits  Prob Solicitor for TathamRW/1/3/7
20-10-05TurnerAE 3 Guest Rd, Cambridge – appl. as ChemistRS/7/1/1
03-11-70TurnerD Metrication Meeting, Rep for Lewes WorksRC/15/3/12
1907TurnerJ Overseer, Southam Union Ass CommitteeRS/7/1/1
15/3/1873UmbersThomas Accident at lime worksLeamington Courier
 WalEmstyBarrington Photo – RC/12/1/3
08-05-07WalkerAlfred CaldecottRugby Portland Cement CoDirector of RPCC [signatory]TNA RAIL 1167/243/230
23/5/1866WalkerCharles JamesSt Leonards, SussexIndenture of MortgageWalker
5/5/1866WalkerCharles JamesHastingsIndenture of MortgageWalker
7/5/1866WalkerCharles JamesHastingsIndenture of MortgageWalker
19/2/1853WalkerGeorge Henry Indenture of Mortgage – NewboldWalker
5/5/1866WalkerGeorge HenryNewbold now 24 Sussex Gardens,
Hyde Park, Middx
Indenture of MortgageWalker
7/5/1866WalkerGeorge HenryNewbold now 24
Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, Middx
Indenture of MortgageWalker
23/5/1866WalkerGeorge Henry NewboldIndenture of MortgageWalker
6/2/1683WalkerHenryNewboldClerk in Holy OrdersWRO: CR1072/2/13-15
12/4/1745WalkerJohn and MaryNewboldIndentureRW/1/1/146
25/9/1751WalkerJohn and MaryNewboldIndentureRW/1/1/146
27/9/1723WalkerMary [w of Robert]NewboldIndentureRW/1/1/146
27/9/1723WalkerRobert [h of Mary]NewboldIndentureRW/1/1/146
12/3/1853WalkerThomas MDPeterboroughIndenture of TransferWalker
10-01-66WhiteJamesTrinidad Cementsee also Southam b. 14/5/1919Southam – Empl. cards
15/1/1846William J [Farmer]Long ItchingtonLimestone at Cuttle MeadowRC/13G/1
15/1/1846WilliamsThomasSouthamLimestone at Cuttle MeadowRC/13G/1
02-10-05WindsorHenry Had been employed 18 yearsRS/7/1/1
20-04-63WittRBarringtonSec of Eastwoods Social ClubRC/12/3/5
1908WoodWilliam Solicitor – Clerk, Sup. Reg. Southam RS/7/1/1
1903WroeCharlesKaye customer – Builders MerchantUpper Stanley St, ManchesterRS/7/1/1
29/6/1895WynterD R Coroner – Central WarwickshireLeamington Courier