Kaye’s Works, Long Itchington, Employees

The Oldham and later Kaye Lime and Cement Company at Long Itchington, was one of the most successful works in the Southam and Stockton area, and was active from the 1840s until 1934, when it went bankrupt and was bought by Rugby Cement and became their Southam works.  The extended quarry still supplies ‘clay’ material to the present CEMEX Rugby cement plant.

Where possible, names and details have been abstracted from the documents so they can be available for search by Family Historians and other researchers. 

Some of the records that are more likely to be of more general interest are being scanned or photographed, so that they can be available ahead of formal cataloguing at the Warwickshire County Record Office.  It has already proved possible to supply information and digital images to researchers.  It is hoped that recipients of data will not be offended if they are asked for a small donation per image to defray some of the expenses of this work, which is not currently funded by the successor owner company.

The image [left] is from a 1915 calendar.

The list below is from an initial data base of names from Kaye’s Cement – later to be Rugby Southam Works – it is being added to as time allows and as records are processed.

5-Sep-1936AndrewLunn45 AccidentRS/7/8/11
24-Mar-1926AskewAlfred39 AccidentRS/7/8/9
25/9/1906AskewCharles  Witness to accident to Edward AskewRS/7/1/2
1870AskewCharles H17c.1853Joined firm [had been there 35 years in 1905 
15-Mar-1905AskewCharles H c.1853Foreman – cement wks [lived Long Itchinton]“Pargeter”; RS/7/1/1, p718
25/9/1906AskewEdward25 AccidentRS/7/1/2
1-Aug-1929AskewHerbert J44 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-May-1915AskewHerbert James   StokerInquest 11/5/1915
2-Mar-1905AskewMark  Witnessed accident to W BrianRS/7/1/1, pp405, 411
Aug 1915AskewMark  Accident – splinter in eyeWar Adv 21 Aug 1915
21-Aug-1915AskewMark  Accident – splinter in eyeWar. Adv. 21/8/1915
12-Jun-1913AskewWilliam [s. Williiam & Mary Ann] 27/5/1898Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
29-Jul-1905Askew   Has a house [rent £22/10/1 pa] as
L-K’s “servant”
Feb 1917Askew   Possibly put clay in wagon – had damaged fingerLeam Cour 27/2/1914
21-Dec-1923AtkinsonW  Accident – lost part of fingerLeam Cour 21/12/1923
22-Sep-1927AtkinsonWalter Leslie 12-10-12Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
10-Oct-1924Atkinson   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
5-Feb-1937AustinJoseph54 AccidentRS/7/8/11
??AyersJane Mrs [wife of Edward sen]  Kaye’s – ? Quarry in WWI“Pargeter”
6-Jul-1906BachelorW  Painter of HarburyRS/7/7/2
1-Aug-1908BainAlan  Foreman at Kaye – Report on InquestLeam Cour 21/08/1908
July 1917BaldwinArthur c.1899Was Kaye [enl. 1917 d. WWI 13/9/1918 @19]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
22-Jun-1914BaldwinArthur [son of George Charles & Ellen Maria] 18/6/1899Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
3-Jun-1920BaldwinEric 08-03-06Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
15-Mar-1905BaldwinGeorge Charles P39 Lime & Cement Labourer @ Southam of Model VillageCensus / “Pargeter”
 BaldwinHenry (Harry) [son of George
Charles & Ellen Mari]
 c.1890[d. WWI 15/10/1917 @27]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
4-Jun-1924BaldwinJohn 08-05-07No evidence of age – not certified to work!!RS/7/8/9
27-Apr-1935BaldwinThomas  AccidentRS/7/8/11
12-Apr-1915BaldwinVictor Roberts French
[son of Henry & Eliza]
 11-03-00Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
18-Dec-1906BaldwinWilliam  Special reduction in allotment rentRS/7/1/2, p.221
4-Nov-1929BaldwinWilliam 13-12-14Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
15-Mar-1905BaldwinWilliam  [son of George Charles & Ellen Maria]14c.1887Lime & Cement Labourer @ SouthamCensus
26-Jan-1920BaldwinWilliam Robert 06-09-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924Baldwin   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
19-Mar-1905BarberPercy S  25 Rochester Road, Kentish Town
 – applies for post as chemist
1-Oct-1904BartlettJob  Father of a son J.C. who was ill from ? accidentRS/7/1/1. p.351
1-Sep-1904BartlettSamuell or John Charles   c.1882 / 3Accident c.1904, son of JobRS/7/1/1. p.351
12-Jan-1920BartonEdward ??? 16-07-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
7-Apr-1905BartonErnie  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
7-Apr-1905BartonH  Quarry ManagerNamed Photograph
17-Mar-1928BartonHarold F 03-10-13Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
Sept 1923BartonMr  Helped with Model Village Treat in 1923,
later incapacitated by an accident
Leam Cour 10/10/1924
14-Sep-1923Barton   Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
1-Sep-1937BassomLawrence36 AccidentRS/7/8/11
22-May-1933BassonFrank41 AccidentRS/7/8/9
14-Jul-1938BatchelorThomas Charles Reginald33 AccidentRS/7/8/11
11-Oct-1924BatesC  37 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Mar-1905BaylissFrederick  Ret. 1934, when running loco dept. D. 13/12/1943;worked at Kaye for over 40 yearsLeamington Courier
18/9/1906BaylissFrederick  Witness to Accident to James SheasbyRS/7/1/2
11-Jan-1924BeardsA29 AccidentRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923Benham   Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
21-Sep-1914BennettEnoch Hadden
[son of John & Annie]
 18-08-00Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924BennettJ V  Hon Sec for Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
10-Oct-1924Bennett   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
7-Apr-1905Benton   Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
22-Sep-1917BeresfordCharles21 Request for exemptionWar. Arv.  22/9/1917
Oct 1917BeresfordCharles  Clerk – awarded temp. exemtion from enlistmentWar Adv1 Sept 1917
4-Apr-1924BerryF G  Union Representative – SouthamLeamington Courier
12-Feb-1923BerryMiles  Quarryman – summonsed for assaultLeam Cour 16/3/1923
7-Apr-1905BestErnie  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
1-Aug-1927BestFrank Benedict 10-09-10Young Person  – started work – est startRS/7/8/9
14-Mar-1919BestHarold V J 01-07-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
?1930sBestJoe  Sentinal truck driverE M Lake “memories”
7-Apr-1905BestVincent  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
26-May-1906BillsonDavid  Confidential Secretary to Lister-KayeRS/7/1/1
15-Nov-1907BillsonDavid  Attending Cement Alliance Meeting at Nelsons for Kayep 292, RS/7/1/2
10-Apr-1905Billson David  Death – he had been in charge of sales
 for 28 years
Annual Report
7-Jan-1925BodfishCyril 30-08-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
7-Jan-1925BodfishHarrold 30-08-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
10-Oct-1924BondH  Officiated with sports at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
9-Nov-1924BondH E32 AccidentRS/7/8/9
7-Apr-1905BondHarry  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
17-Apr-1906BondHenry Ernest16+ Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
18-Nov-1927BondHenry Ernest35 AccidentRS/7/8/9
19/8/11929BondHenry Ernest37 AccidentRS/7/8/9
29-Oct-1931BondLeslie Lester 29-09-16Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923Bond   Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
27-Apr-1927BrainJohn27 AccidentRS/7/8/9
15-Mar-1905BrainWilliam39 Lab in stone quarry lived SouthamCensus / “Pargeter”
8/11/1901Brain William39 Joined Kayes RS/7/1/1. p.417, 453
2/3/1905Brain William43 Accident to fingerRS/7/1/1, p405 &c
1-Sep-1906BristowA M  Resident engineer for new Cement Plant p730, RS/7/1/2
16-Feb-1905BruntFrederick  Manager Kaye Cement WorksWhite’s Dir Warks,
or Burrell
Owen??  Arthur 07-11-13Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
27-Jul-1926ButlerJessie43 AccidentRS/7/8/9
30-Jun-1922CarterJoseph  Accident – wall between cement mills colapsedLeam Cour 30/6/1922
23-May-1924CarterJoseph  Accident – slipped from girder – injured footLeam Cour 23/5/1924
16-Dec-1905CarterSamuel27 Labourer, Accident [worked 10 years]RS/7/1/1, pp631-3
21-May-1910CarterSamuel31 AccidentRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924Carter   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
31-Jul-1908ChaterThomas58 Fatal AccidentLeamCour21Aug1908
1-Aug-1908ChaterThomas581854Died at works 1908Leam Cour 19/12/1913
1-Aug-1908ChaterThomas581854Report on InquestLeam Cour 21/08/1908
31-Jan-1905ChaterThomas [sen]  Started at Kayes in 1858; 1st employeeLeam Cour 21/08/1908
25-Feb-1907CheckleyThomas  Accident – bruised ankleRS/7/1/2, p.254 on
10-Oct-1924Cheney   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
21-Feb-1929ChildsFrederick29 AccidentRS/7/8/9
22-Sep-1936ChildsFrederick36 AccidentRS/7/8/11
25-Jun-1923ClaridgeWilliam John 21-09-08Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
9-Apr-1919CleaverHenry70 Accident – FatalRS/7/8/8
2-Jan-1924CleaverS44 AccidentRS/7/8/9
8-May-1917CleaverThomas    Father worked Stockton non specificD. WWI – “Pargeter”
2-Mar-1905ClementsJ  Witnessed accident to W BrianRS/7/1/1, pp405, 411
2-Mar-1905ClementsThomas  Witnessed accident to W BrianRS/7/1/1, pp405, 411
15-Mar-1905ClementsThomas c.1845Engineer for Kayes [b. Dudley 1845]Census 1901
1-Aug-1908CliffordJoseph  Kaye – worked with ChaterLeam Cour 21/08/1908
13-Aug-1909Cockrane Thomas45 AccidentRS/7/8/8
7-Apr-1905CooperCharlie  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
7-Apr-1905CoxHorace  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
20-Oct-1905CuncliffeR Ellis  Kaye Shareholder [ Cuncliffe &
Davenport, 48 Chancery Lane]
17-Sep-1923CurtisFrederick 17-07-09Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
10-Dec-1930CurtisFrederick44 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Nov-1937CurtissWilliam19 AccidentRS/7/8/11
1-Jul-1907DavenportAlfred47 Accident – pinched fingersRS/7/1/2, p.254 on
9-Jan-1919DavenportAlfred59 Accident – FatalRS/7/8/8
7-Apr-1905DellGeorge  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
19-Jul-1920DellGeorge Edward 05-06-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Apr-1916DellJoseph Herbert
[son of Joseph & Eliza Jane]
 27-02-01Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
13-Nov-1927DellWilliam38 AccidentRS/7/8/9
19-Nov-1935DenisonThos A  Reference as CoW later redundantBirch general file
5-Jan-1925DennisonWilson Roy 21-10-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
?1930sDennison   ? Works ManagerE M Lake “memories”
15-Mar-1905DevenportAlfred  “Blue Lias (Stone) Quarryman” of SouthamCensus / “Pargeter”
3-Apr-1905DevenportAlfred  Died from injuries c.1920Leam Cour 20/3/1936
24-Mar-1925DiggensJohn61 AccidentRS/7/8/9
30-Mar-1926DiggensJohn62 AccidentRS/7/8/9
4-Oct-1927DiggensJohn63 AccidentRS/7/8/9
c.1918DuckettC  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
?1930sDuckettCharlie  Coventry St, Southam [died in period]E M Lake “memories”
1-Jul-1907DuckettF  Witness to accident to Alfred DavenportRS/7/1/2, p.254 on
c.1918DuckettH  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
4-Oct-1928DuckettHeskit John41 AccidentRS/7/8/9
24-Apr-1906DuckettWilliam  Witness to accident to Frederick FellRS/7/1/1, p757
18/9/1906DuckettWilliam  Witness to Accident to James SheasbyRS/7/1/2
25-Oct-1906DuckettWilliam  Witness to Accident -Thomas evettsRS/7/1/2
18-Dec-1906DuckettWilliam  Special reduction in allotment rentRS/7/1/2, p.221
15/6/1914DuckettWilliam53 Committed suicide following strikeLeam Cour 19/6/1914
7-Apr-1905DykesDick  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
14-Sep-1923DykesH  Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
10-Oct-1924DykesH  Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
10-Oct-1924DykesH  Officiated with sports at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
14-Nov-1924DykesH A J   AccidentRS/7/8/9
10-Mar-1926DykesHarry44 AccidentRS/7/8/9
25-Mar-1931DykesHarry49 AccidentRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923DykesW  Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
10-Feb-1930DykesWilliam T29 AccidentRS/7/8/9
20/12/193DykesWilliam Thomas52 AccidentRS/7/8/9
10-Oct-1924Dykes   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
20-Sep-1906Earne   Witness to Accident to thomas UsherRS/7/1/2
May 1908EasonJames60 Accident, severe, rope broke, concrete etcRS/7/1/2, p473 onwards
1891-1901EvettsAlbert Thomas c.1873Limestone quarryman /Labourer at the limeworks – lived Long  Itchington [d. WWI 5/4/1917 @ 44]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
8-Sep-1927EvettsMontague Francis  Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
 EvettsRoland Albert c.1896Father [was ATE] cement [d. WWI 26/6/1916 @ 20D. WWI – “Pargeter”
25-Oct-1906EvettsThomas30 Accident – crushed  fingers  RS/7/1/2
26-Mar-1905Eyles??251887Joined Kayes – became Rugby in 1936RS/7/8/16 [2/12/1958]
25-Apr-1905Eyles??651887Died at age 65 – after 6 years with RugbyRS/7/8/16 [2/12/1958]
29-Apr-1926EylesAlbert Leonard 18-09-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
16-Dec-1929EylesCharles 04-09-15Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
16-Aug-1920EylesJohn Rogers? 25-07-06Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
14-Mar-1927FarmerWilliam31 AccidentRS/7/8/9
7-Apr-1905Fell“Bodyn”  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
1-May-1953FellB  Payment of death benefit  – £20RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
21-Jun-1918FellBasil 03-03-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
c.1918FellF  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
26-Apr-1906FellFrederick Francis24 Accident, lost two fingers; empl since 30 JanRS/7/1/1, p757
23-Jun-1919FellGeorge Charles 05-03-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924FellJ W  Officiated with sports at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
4-Oct-1927FellJack 29-06-13Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
26-Apr-1906FellJohn  Witness to accident to Frederick FellRS/7/1/1, p757
27-Feb-1908FellJohn  Accident – fell off scaffold, bruised ribsRS/7/1/2, p473 onwards
7-Apr-1905FellLionel  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
?1930sFellLionel  Sentinal truck driverE M Lake “memories”
26-Jul-1931FellLionel Rowland28 AccidentRS/7/8/9
10-Oct-1924FellMiss  Assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
31-May-1924FellW29 AccidentRS/7/8/9
21-Feb-1926FellWilliam John48 AccidentRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923Fell   Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
10-Oct-1924Fell   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
7-Apr-1905FennelBert  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
24-Jun-1920FennellAlbert Harold 12-06-06Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
15-Mar-1905FennellAlfred 1882Labourer, Kaye Limeworks ’til 1914Census
1918FennellAlfred Edwin 1882Was Kaye Southam d. WWI 30/3/1918 @ 36]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1918FennellAlfred Edwin 1882Was Kaye Southam d. WWI 30/3/1918 @ 36]War. Adv. 13/4/1919
20-Mar-1924FennellFrederick 16-06-09Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
15-Mar-1905FennellJohn [s of William & Ellen]13c.1888Lab. Cement Works Census / “Pargeter”
26-Mar-1937FennellJohn C45 AccidentRS/7/8/11
15-Mar-1905FennellJoseph Henry [s of William
& Ellen]
 1885Lab. Cement Works [d. WWI 28/12/1917 @ 34]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
24-Jul-1936FennellRobert Henry36c.1900AccidentRS/7/8/11
15-Mar-1905FennellThomas [s of William & Ellen]  Lab. Cement Works Census / “Pargeter”
25-Mar-1918FennellThomas Henry 14-03-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
11-May-1926FennellThomas Henry21 AccidentRS/7/8/9
17-Jun-1926FennellThomas Henry21 AccidentRS/7/8/9
26-Apr-1932FennellThomas James52c.1880AccidentRS/7/8/9
8-Aug-1931FennellWilliam65 AccidentRS/7/8/9
15-Dec-1931FennellWilliam65 AccidentRS/7/8/9
1901FennellWilliam 34 Lab. At Lime WorksCensus
1901FennellWilliam [marr. Elen]66c.1835Lab. Cement Works Census / “Pargeter”
11-Jan-1935Fift ?Alfred 06-07-20Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
13-Feb-1928FinchThomas47 AccidentRS/7/8/9
3-Aug-1932FinchThomas Robert51 AccidentRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923Finch   Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
28-Mar-1905FletcherThomas 29/7/1876KIA – 30 Oct 1914rugbyremembers’
?1930sFranklin   ? Works ManagerE M Lake “memories”
7-Jul-1930FreerSydney Bert 04-12-15Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
16-Oct-1919FrenchWalter 11-09-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
21-Feb-1907FryE S  S D Williams and Son, Birminghamp251, RS/7/1/2
28-Jun-1920furlow ???Sidney George 16-08-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924GamageJunior  Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
10-Oct-1924Gamage   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
27-Jan-1926GardnerDick 07-11-11Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
7-Dec-1927GardnerDick16 AccidentRS/7/8/9
c.1918GardnerJnr / Jim?  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
7-Apr-1905GardnerWilliam  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
20-Sep-1906Gascoign   Witness to Accident to thomas UsherRS/7/1/2
2-Oct-1935GaskinsArthur John35 AccidentRS/7/8/11
17-Mar-1916GaskinsArthus John
[son of William & Louisa Mary]
 13-07-00Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
31-Jul-1920GaskinsBob 23-05-06Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
20-Mar-1953GaskinsL  Payment of death benefit  – £20RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
2-Mar-1905GaskinsWilliam  Witnessed accident to W BrianRS/7/1/1, pp405, 411
10-Oct-1924Gaskins   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
26-Jan-1936GibbsBernard E25 AccidentRS/7/8/11
17-Aug-1951GibbsG  Payment of death benefit – wife – £5RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
7/4/1866GilksWilliam16 Greaves & Kershaw – accidentLeamington Courier
26-Aug-1929GillmoreArthur Edward21 AccidentRS/7/8/9
10-Feb-1931GilmoreArthur Edward22 AccidentRS/7/8/9
15-Mar-1905GilmoreDavid 1872Labourer lime wks, lived Southam [d. 1946 @ 74]WWI – “Pargeter”
15-Mar-1905GilmoreDavid   Lived Southam labourer at lime works “Pargeter”
8-Sep-1927GilmoreWilliam Thomas 14-08-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
8-Dec-1953GoodeJ  Sick Pay refunded £2-14-2d [Transport]RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
11-May-1915Goode J  HM Inspector of factories, at inquestInquest 11/5/1915
3-May-1926GriffinLeonard Ralph 25-07-11Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
15-Jan-1929GriffinRalph 09-11-14Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923GrimesMiss  Took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
10-Oct-1924Gulliver   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
8-Oct-1935GylesCharles20 AccidentRS/7/8/11
11-May-1915HadowE F   Coroner for accidentInquest 11/5/1915
20-Sep-1927HallEdward70 AccidentRS/7/8/9
7-Apr-1905HamcocksPercy  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
21-May-1926HancockFrederick G28 AccidentRS/7/8/9
11-Mar-1927HancocksEdward A18 AccidentRS/7/8/9
28-May-1923HancocksEdward Arthur 18-04-08Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
15-Mar-1905HancocksErnest J28 Labourer at Lime Wks [lived Southam]Census
14-Oct-1924HancocksF G 26 AccidentRS/7/8/9
28-Oct-1936HancocksFrederick George38 AccidentRS/7/8/11
10-Nov-1932HancocksPercy? Charles26 AccidentRS/7/8/9
18-Dec-1906HarrisJ  Special reduction in allotment rentRS/7/1/2, p.221
?1930sHarrison Alfred  As boy – Worked in wages officeE M Lake “memories”
20-Jun-1938HayesFrederick Arthur 30-04-23Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/11
1-Sep-1936HaynesCharles52 AccidentRS/7/8/11
18-Jan-1922HaynesEdgar Charles 12-10-07Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
1-Mar-1928HaynesThomas51 AccidentRS/7/8/9
23-Oct-1937HaynesThomas51 AccidentRS/7/8/11
17-Aug-1937HaynesThomas Ed51 AccidentRS/7/8/11
14-May-1927HaynesThomas Eli50 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Oct-1935HaynesThos E  AccidentRS/7/8/11
27-Feb-1924HearneJ H38 AccidentRS/7/8/9
27-Feb-1924HearneJoseph  Navvy Driver – scalded in accident
of 2 Mountfield Terrace, Southam
Leam Cour 29/2/1924
15-May-1923HerbertP17 AccidentRS/7/8/9
31-May-1920HerbertPercy Arthur 16-09-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
28-Nov-1930HerbertRichard60 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Aug-1927HewerPercy Henry Gerald 18-08-12Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
14-Apr-1925HodgesBenjamin Thomas 17-02-11Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
12-Oct-1917HodgesCharles Richard22 Father worked Stockton non specificD. WWI – “Pargeter”
29-Dec-1936HodgesFrederick J42 AccidentRS/7/8/11
20-Jul-1916HodgesHenry George William28 Stockton non specificD. WWI – “Pargeter”
18-May-1924HodgesJ C53 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Mar-1931HodgesJohn Carter62 AccidentRS/7/8/9
20-Aug-1923HodgesLewis John Winston 15-06-09Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
5-Nov-1928HodgesLionel Charles 10-01-14Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
30-Apr-1938HolmesWilliam50 AccidentRS/7/8/11
13-Jun-1938HowesFrank William25 AccidentRS/7/8/11
22-Sep-1919HowkinsCharles 07-06-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
7-Apr-1905Hubbert   Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
12-Jul-1920HudsonEvan George 08-04-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
12-May-1938HudsonGeoffrey18 AccidentRS/7/8/11
4-Oct-1936JenkinsReginald50 AccidentRS/7/8/11
?1930sJohnson   ? Works ManagerE M Lake “memories”
10-Mar-1916JordanAlan [son of Albert & Ellen] 15-03-02Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924KayeMr & Mrs Lister  Both assisted at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
21-Aug-1924KeyteJohn Henry 04-02-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
8-Dec-1931KeyteWilliam Horace 20-06-14Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
25-Nov-1909KibblerFrederick  Young Person  – started work – leftRS/7/8/8
21-Mar-1918KibblerFrederick T23 Father, cement [non specific]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
15-Mar-1905KibblerHenry40c.1861Labourer, cement works [lived L. Itchington]Census
18-Apr-1932KingErnest Jack 17-03-17Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
Feb 1905KingJ H  Let go’ – due to slackness of tradeRS/7/1/1 – p386
9-May-1915KingJohn  MillerInquest 11/5/1915
15-Mar-1905KingJohn H (senior)[father of JHL]25 “Stone Quarryman”, lives SouthamCensus / “Pargeter”
Oct 1917KingJohn Henry Lake  Was Kayes [d WWI 8/8/1917 @ 24]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
15-Jul-1933KingJohn Richard49 AccidentRS/7/8/10
?1930sLakeEdith Emma  Cleaner at Kaye OfficesE M Lake “memories”
1924-46LakeEvelyn Mary  Lived at Cuttle Farm – daughter of WH & E EE M Lake “memories”
6-May-1905LakeW  First beneficiary of new retirement scheme 
16-Apr-1929LakeWilliam42 AccidentRS/7/8/9
1912-1952LakeWilliam H.  Yard Foreman at Kayes for 50 yearsInfo Bill Griffin
21-Jul-1924LaneA19 AccidentRS/7/8/9
29-Mar-1916LaneArthur John26 Father at Kaye & Co D. WWI – “Pargeter”
7-Apr-1905LaneDanny  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
2-Sep-2019LaneErnest Joseph18 Father at Kaye & Co D. WWI – “Pargeter”
13-Apr-1918LaneFrank George23 Father at Kaye & Co D. WWI – “Pargeter”
15-Mar-1905LaneJoseph33c.1868Miller, cement wks, lived L. ItchingtonCensus / “Pargeter”
10-Oct-1924Lane   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
22-May-1906Lane Frank44 Accident in quarryRS/7/1/ 2
[son of Joseph & Fanny]
 24/11/1899Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
3-Mar-1908LanesFrancis George16+ Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
?1920-30sLangleyMr  Works ManagerE M Lake “memories”
11-May-1915Langley J H T  Partner of Messrs Kaye Inquest 11/5/1915
10-Oct-1924Langley Mr & Mrs  Both assisted at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
14-Sep-1923Langley    Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
6-Aug-1936LawsonHarold35 AccidentRS/7/8/11
28-Mar-1905LeeBernard George c.1894Was assistant chemist, Kaye [d. WWI 22/3/1918 @ 24]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1914LeeBernard George c.1894Was assistant chemist, Kaye [d. WWI 22/3/1918 @ 24]War. Adv. 30/3/1918
17-Apr-1938LesterAlfred29 AccidentRS/7/8/11
16-Mar-1923LoveridgeWilliam 09-11-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
1-Dec-1917LovesageEdwin 16-10-03Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
4-Jul-1932LoweAlbert Owen36 AccidentRS/7/8/9
c.1918LoweW  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
4-Apr-1924LumleyA  Union Representative – SouthamLeamington Courier
6-Jul-1908LumleyWilliam  Young Person  – started work – leftRS/7/8/8
5-Sep-1936LunnAndrew45 AccidentRS/7/8/11
3-Oct-1922Maher ??? Wilfred 26-06-08Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
17-Jun-1924Malin?H36 AccidentRS/7/8/9
19-Sep-1918MannLander George19 Father worked Stockton non specificD. WWI – “Pargeter”
17-Sep-1926MarkamSeptimus36 AccidentRS/7/8/9
29-Oct-1931MarkamSeptimus John41 AccidentRS/7/8/9
8-Mar-1923MarkhamFrancis Herbert 24-09-08Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
6-Apr-1951MarkhamS  Payment of death benefit – wife – £5RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
1-Nov-1929MarkhamSydney George 02-10-15Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
9-May-1915MarlowArthur19 Died accident – hopper at Long ItchingtonInquest 11/5/1915
9 May 1915MarlowArthur19 Fatal Accident, MillerWar Adv 20 Feb 1915
9-May-1915MarlowGeorge  Brother of Arhur, who died accidentInquest 11/5/1915
9-May-1924MarlowGeorge [son of Thomas F]  Father worked at KayesLeam Cour 9/5/1924
25-Jul-1924MarlowL31 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-May-1924MarlowThomas Fletcher [father of G]65 Died suddenly – employed many yearsLeam Cour 9/5/1924
9-May-1915MarlowThos  Father of Arthur, who died accidentInquest 11/5/1915
9-Feb-1915MarloweArthur19 Accident – FatalRS/7/8/8
22-Oct-1924MarshFrederick  Trade dispute – Umpire’s decisionRS/7/8/14
16-May-1919MastersJohn 29-07-03Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
18-Dec-1906MawbyBen  Special reduction in allotment rentRS/7/1/2, p.221
21-Jun-1923MiddlemasFrederick George 06-04-09Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
c.1922Middlemiss   Cutting wheat RS/7/4/10j
24-Jan-1936MontgomeryRobert Charles 16-04-21Young Person – alt dob – started workRS/7/8/11
24-Jan-1936MontgomeryRobert Charles 06-05-21Young Person – alt dob – started workRS/7/8/11
20-Apr-1925MontgomeryWilliam 29-08-07Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
4-Nov-1936MontgomeryWilliam29 AccidentRS/7/8/11
15-Apr-1935MontgomeryWilliam J  AccidentRS/7/8/11
1-May-1932MontgomeryWilliam John24 AccidentRS/7/8/9
6-Apr-1905Montgomery   On Local Joint Committee until June 1923Leam Cour 5/1 & 22/6/1923
?1920-30sMontgomery   In charge of Electricians E M Lake “memories”
15-Mar-1905MorbyHenry Thomas c.1877Quarryman – lived Southam [d. WWI 2/10/1916 @39]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
27/2/1914MorrisMr  Union Organiser interviewed re strikeLeam Cour 27/2/1914
26-Jun-1929MosleyWilliam J41 AccidentRS/7/8/9
11-May-1915MountfordE H  Royal Insurance Co. at inquestInquest 11/5/1915
1-Jun-1923MumbyL  Instructor for new Works bandLeamington Courier
7-Apr-1905MumbyLionel  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
10-Sep-1934NashbrookN 04-01-19Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
12-Sep-1917NealErnest Joseph22 Father worked Stockton non specificD. WWI – “Pargeter”
30-Mar-1951NealO ?  Payment of death benefit – wife – £5RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
10-Oct-1924NoonA  Officiated with sports at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
22-Apr-1933NoonAlbert Edward48 AccidentRS/7/8/9
25-Mar-1924NoonF28 AccidentRS/7/8/9
10-Jul-1933NoonFrederick Arthur37 AccidentRS/7/8/10
22-Nov-1924NoonJames48 AccidentRS/7/8/9
29-Nov-1925NoonJAmes49 AccidentRS/7/8/9
23-Jun-1927NoonJames50 AccidentRS/7/8/9
27-Jun-1924NoonJohn Thomas Francis 11-01-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923NoonMr  Hon Sec for Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
14-Sep-1923Noon   Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
10-Oct-1924Noon   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
1-Jul-1907Noones   Witness to accident to Alfred DavenportRS/7/1/2, p.254 on
9-May-1915OrmerodDoctor  Doctor from Southam Inquest 11/5/1915
11-May-1915PageJ T  Foreman of Jury for inquestInquest 11/5/1915
15-Mar-1905PayneSamuel53 Labourer at Cement Works – lived SouthamCensus
22-Oct-1924PearceJ G  Trade dispute – Umpire’s decision – UmpireRS/7/8/14
25-Mar-1905PearsonArthur Frederick28 Kiln stoker,  lodged at Cuttle InnCensus
30-May-1935PetersonWilliam Alfred32 AccidentRS/7/8/11
7-Apr-1905Pincher   Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
15-Jun-1933PinsellJesse 14-02-18Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
21-Jun-1923Pittom ??Walter 18-10-08Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
6-Jan-1938Pittom??Thomas Clarke43 AccidentRS/7/8/11
7-Jan-1908PoultonAlbertover 16 Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
18/9/1906PoultonWilliam  Witness to Accident to James SheasbyRS/7/1/2
11-Aug-1925PowellGeorge31 AccidentRS/7/8/9
?1920-30sPrattJenny [Miss]  Wages Office, SouthamE M Lake “memories”
13-Jul-1905PrattMichael  Quarryman, of Banbury Road, Southam, leftRS/7/1/1
?1920-30sPrattMrs  Wages Office, SouthamE M Lake “memories”
7-Apr-1905PrattWilliam  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
10-Oct-1924Priest   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
9-May-1938PurkissSamuel50 AccidentRS/7/8/11
28-Sep-1930Pzehl ???Mathias Edward 27-06-16Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
26-May-1936RadbournLouis William44 AccidentRS/7/8/11
8-Jun-1924RaltonW  AccidentRS/7/8/9
23-Aug-1924RavenC34 AccidentRS/7/8/9
30-Dec-1917RavenEli25 Father, cement [Stockton & L. ItchD. WWI – “Pargeter”
31-Jul-1917RavenRichard29 Father, cement [Stockton & L. ItchD. WWI – “Pargeter”
19-May-1924RavenRonald Frederick 23-08-08Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
c.1918RavenW  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
6-Apr-1925ReadAlbert James31 AccidentRS/7/8/9
?1930sRichardsonTom  Lab technician / asst. chemistE M Lake “memories”
5-Dec-1905RobertsHarry  Kaye Director from 1906
 [33, Bold St., Warrington]
RS/7/1/1 – A. Rep 1906
c.1922RoweW  Cutting wheat RS/7/4/10j
29-Jul-1918RussellAlbert Edward 03-12-03Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
25-Apr-1928RussellAlbert Edward24 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Sep-1933RussellAlbert Edward29 AccidentRS/7/8/10
31-Mar-1926RussellAnthony Albert51 AccidentRS/7/8/9
19-Jul-1926RussellAnthony Albert51 AccidentRS/7/8/9
4-Aug-1931RussellAnthony Albert57 AccidentRS/7/8/9
20-Apr-1933RussellAnthony Albert58 AccidentRS/7/8/9
5-Dec-1935RussellAnthony G61 AccidentRS/7/8/11
9-Nov-1925RussellClifford 25-09-09Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
23-Aug-1928RussellClifford18 AccidentRS/7/8/9
9-Sep-1931RussellClifford21 AccidentRS/7/8/9
6-Sep-1926RussellEdward22 AccidentRS/7/8/9
25/6/1913RussellGeorge William201903Death appendicitis – clerk since left schoolLeam Cour 4/7/1913
26-May-1919RussellHorace ?Bruslow / Bourlow 22-11-04Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
7-Oct-1901RussellJoseph41c.1860Died c 7 Oct 1901RS/7/1/1
15-Mar-1905RussellJoseph41c.1860Secretary & Manager, Kaye’s Lime & Cement Works, lived 1901, Lime Works, L. Itchington Census / “Pargeter”
14-Jul-1916RussellJoseph Sutton25c.1891Clerk, Kaye & Co – father was manager D. WWI – “Pargeter”
10-Sep-1934RussellRobert Charles 23-01-20Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
19-May-1924RussellTom 06-12-07Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
28-Mar-1927RussellTom19 AccidentRS/7/8/9
5-Nov-1913SabinEdward Herbert
[son of Frederick W &  Lucy]
 4/11/1898Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
17-Dec-1907SabinHoraceover 16 Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
10-Oct-1924SabinJ  Officiated with sports at Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
?1930sSabinJack  BricklayerE M Lake “memories”
16-Apr-1925SabinMontague 06-04-11Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
31-Aug-1927SandersJames68 AccidentRS/7/8/9
21-Feb-1907Sanders   Possibly a representative – also to “theft” of forage at Williams, Birmingham.  He was discharged.p250-1, RS/7/1/2
9-Jan-1929SaundersBenjamin 29-10-14Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
22-Jan-1934SaundersLeonard 18-04-17Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
9-Jun-1933SaundersonBenjamin18 AccidentRS/7/8/10
14-Feb-1924SavingT18 AccidentRS/7/8/9
21-Aug-1924ScottJohn 15-08-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
9-Sep-1929ScottJohn Henry19 AccidentRS/7/8/9
1-Jul-1907ScraggettAlfred  Witness to accident to Alfred DavenportRS/7/1/2, p.254 on
23-Mar-1918SheasbyCyril Frederick18 Father worked Stockton non specificD. WWI – “Pargeter”
19-Jul-1920SheasbyHenry George 18-04-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
6-Apr-1941SheasbyJ17 AccidentRS/7/8/11
15-Mar-1905SheasbyJames46 Labourer Lime WorksCensus
18/9/1906SheasbyJames  Accident RS/7/1/2
15-Mar-1905SheasbyJames [son of James]17c.1884Labourer Lime QuarryCensus
2-Aug-1921SheasbyRalph William 12-05-07Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
c.1915-1919ShrimptonCharles Edward 20-04-01Poss worked at Kaye – ’til sacked for not
unloading coke boat as he had a date!
info Stuart Shrimpton
25-Sep-1924SmithE W 41c.1883AccidentRS/7/8/9
15-Mar-1905SmithErnest William18c.1882Limestone quarryman [son of Tom Smith]Census / “Pargeter”
6-May-1926SmithErnest William41c.1885AccidentRS/7/8/9
12-Oct-1932SmithErnest William47c.1885AccidentRS/7/8/9
21-Jun-1937SmithErnest William53c.1884AccidentRS/7/8/11
16-Mar-1938SmithErnest William54c.1884AccidentRS/7/8/11
9-May-1915SmithHarry  BurnerInquest 11/5/1915
27-Sep-1934SmithL R 25-01-20Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
15-Mar-1905SmithThomas James20c.1880Cement worker – live L. Itchington
[d. WWI 25/9/1916 @ 36][son of Tom Smith]
D. WWI – “Pargeter”
15-Mar-1905SmithTom45c.1856limestone quarrymanCensus / “Pargeter”
30/8/1913SmithTom jnr  Accident – brick fell on head [[not fatal]Leam Cour 5/9/1913
24-May-1912SmithWilliam39 AccidentRS/7/8/8
1-Mar-1936SmithWilliam Lewis James30 AccidentRS/7/8/11
?1930sSnapeMr  Office worker [from MartonE M Lake “memories”
10-Jan-1925SouthHubert 30-12-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
c.1918SouthamG  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
19-Oct-1923SpencerGeorge  Accident – Injured kneeLeam Cour 19/10/1923
25-Oct-1906SpraggettA  Witness to Accident -Thomas evettsRS/7/1/2
15-Nov-1924SpraggettA  AccidentRS/7/8/9
Feb 1916SpraggettHenry  Accident – steps collapsedWar Adv12 Feb 1916
12-Feb-1916SpraggettHenry  AccidentWar. Adv. 12/2/1916
2-Dec-1921SpraggettHenry50 AccidentRS/7/8/8
31-Jan-1924SpraggettO27 AccidentRS/7/8/9
c.1918SpraggettT  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
13-Jul-1927SpraggettThomas37 AccidentRS/7/8/9
11-May-1933SpraggettThomas43 AccidentRS/7/8/9
?1930sStevensLammy  Company carpenterE M Lake “memories”
3-Mar-1925SuttomCharles 4/1/908Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
6-Aug-1925SuttonRobert 21-07-11Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
26-Aug-1925SuttonRobert 21-07-11Young Person  – started work – certificateRS/7/8/9
15-Sep-1924SuttonWalter Thomas 23-10-07Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
9-Dec-1936Sutton Robert25 AccidentRS/7/8/11
23-Jan-1936Sutton Robert ?L24 AccidentRS/7/8/11
11-Sep-1914Tarrott ?William Albert 26-05-00Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
1911TaylorErnest [son of William]231888“Delver” in stone quarry – Cement WorksCensus
25-Mar-1905TaylorWilliam [father of Ernest]461865“Delver” in stone quarry – Cement WorksCensus
?1930sTaylor   Of Stockton – ? Killed in accident in coal hopperE M Lake “memories”
7-Jan-1936Taylor Charles55 AccidentRS/7/8/11
20-Sep-1906Taylor    Witness to Accident to thomas UsherRS/7/1/2
22-Oct-1924ThomasThomas  Trade dispute – Umpire’s decisionRS/7/8/14
9-May-1915Thrussell Police Constable  PC from Long Itchington Inquest 11/5/1915
2-May-1921TiffFrederick Ernest 01-11-05Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
26-Sep-1927TiftArthur Joseph / Arthur Joseph 01-06-13Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
10-Aug-1925TiftJohn Leonard 15-12-09Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
26-Aug-1925Tift John Leonard 15-12-09Young Person  – started work – certificateRS/7/8/9
23-May-1918TugwoodErnest Frederick 21-08-03Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
30-Nov-1926TurnerErnest John35 AccidentRS/7/8/9
19-Sep-1927TurnerRichard Henry 16-04-13Young Person  – started work – no evidenceRS/7/8/9
21-May-1931TurnerRichard Henry18 AccidentRS/7/8/9
15-Mar-1905TurnerSamuel   Southam – stone quarryman“Pargeter”
15-Mar-1905UmbersThomas48 Labourer in cement works [lived Southam]Census
15-Mar-1905UmbersWilliam J [sof Thomas]17 Labourer in cement works [lived Southam]Census
11-Dec-1937UsherAlbert Edward37 AccidentRS/7/8/11
12-Oct-1914UsherArthur [son of William & Sarah Ann] 05-12-00Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
20-Sep-1906UsherThomas51 Accident RS/7/1/2
18-Dec-1906UsherThomas  Special reduction in allotment rentRS/7/1/2, p.221
15-Mar-1905VarneyJohn43c.1858Labourer at the limeworks  by ? 1915, was Napton 1901, by 1914 at Kaye cottage [son George d WWI]Census / “Pargeter”
10-Feb-1915WallCecil Henry [son of John & Annie] 3/11/1899Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
20-May-1924WarallF22 AccidentRS/7/8/9
14-Sep-1923WardF  Wife took tray to Model Village TreatLeam Cour 14/9/1923
13-Mar-1953WardF  Payment of death benefit  – £20RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
10-Jan-1927Washbook?Frederick W T 31 AccidentRS/7/8/9
11-May-1931WashbrookeArthur Frederick 19-05-16Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
10-Oct-1924Webb   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
10-Oct-1924Welch   Wife assisting with Model Village TreatLeam Cour 10/10/1924
17-Aug-1933WellWilliam John44 AccidentRS/7/8/10
3-Sep-1923WelshJohn Lester 13-09-07Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
25-Jun-1930WelshTom Hickman52 AccidentRS/7/8/9
21-Jun-1923WelshWilliam Charles 03-01-09Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
c.1918WestH  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
6-May-1941WestS J ?16 AccidentRS/7/8/11
8-Aug-1952WiddowsJ  Payment of death benefit  – £20RS/7/8/15 – Sickness
19-May-1938WigginsReginald Patrick20 AccidentRS/7/8/11
10-Jan-1938WigginsSydney33 AccidentRS/7/8/11
30-Dec-1940WigginsSydney37 AccidentRS/7/8/11
25-Oct-1906WilksC  Witness to Accident -Thomas evettsRS/7/1/2
27-May-1913WilksWilliam Charles [son of Charles Henry & Harriet] 27/7/1898Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/8
1-Sep-1924Wilks Cecil 18-01-10Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
c.1918WilliamsH  Farm War Bonus listingRS/7/4/8b
31-Mar-1920WilliamsHarrold  Manager at Kingston Wharf, Birmingham DepotRS/7/2/2b-c
12-Jan-1900WindornWilliam39 AccidentRS/7/8/8
7-Apr-1905WindsorJaku?  Kaye’s Works Band memberNamed Photograph
10-Oct-1952Windsor   Payment of death benefit  – £20RS/7/8/15 – Sickness 
28-Oct-1906WinfieldE F38 Accident sprained backRS/7/1/2
12-Feb-1923WoodEdward  Quarry Manager – assaulted by BerryLeam Cour 16/3/1923
11-Dec-1934WoolleyD 08-08-20Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/10
1901WorrallCharles [son of William]20 Gen Lab. Lime Works [lived L. Itchington]Census
28-Jan-1938WorrallFrederick Walter 01-12-23Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/11
1901WorrallGeorge [son of William]22 Stone dresser, lime mill [lived L. Itchington]Census
1901WorrallJames50 Limestone quarryman [Chapel Yard, L. Itchington]Census
1891WorrallJohn [& Elizabeth]35c.1856Lab. At Lime Works – b. / lived Southam 
1901WorrallJohn [son of John] c.1886Labourer cement works – lived Southam 
1901WorrallOwen Arthur [son of William]17c.1884Gen lab. Lime works; [lived L. Itchington][d.WWI 27/1/1916 @ 32D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1901WorrallThomas    Quarryman – lived Southam 
Oct 1917WorrallThomas    Was Quarryman, Kaye [D. WWI 16/8/1917 @ 25]D. WWI – “Pargeter”
1901WorrallWilliam48 Limestone quarryman [lived L. Itchington]Census
6-Nov-1923WorrellArthur 18-09-06Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9
23-May-1924WorrellFred  Accident – fell from wagon – injured hip [of Coventry StreetLeam Cour 23/5/1924
15-Mar-1905WrightJesse28 Limestone quarryman. Lived L ItchingtonCensus / “Pargeter”
31-Jan-1927YoungOsborne Frank 13-05-12Young Person  – started workRS/7/8/9